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ACCESS Medical Services Company management treatment program TPA, THIIRD PARTY ADMINSTRATION for companies and cooperate with them in the development of applicable treatment system using the latest means of keeping technology and analysis of information and continuous monitoring by medical specialists to ensure the quality of medical service level and upgrading and rationalizing the cost Annual treatment and reduce wasted by preventing misuse of the foremost medical service or its future and the statement of the arrival of distinctive medical service to beneficiaries and to provide the best level of medical service 24 hours a day, ensuring a quick and distinctive service to all participating members.


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70,000 +

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At Access

We know how much your employees matter to your business.
As well as driving your productivity and profits, they represent the ideas,
the imagination and the inspiration behind everything you do.
So they deserve to be well looked after.
From the minute you set up a group with us, you’ll start to see what sets us apart from other Health Providers.
We’re devoted to health and care, surround ourselves with experts and have a healthy obsession with first class service.

We always work tirelessly to make sure that the needs of our members are fully appreciated.
you will design your own plan that gives you the choice and reassurance.
When you join, you’ll be able to relax knowing that every one of your employees on the plan is in safe hands.


To maintain our leadership in the field of health care management and to raise the capabilities of our staff as to use the most modern techniques so we could make a positive interaction with the community and during all of that we do our best to keep the commitment to work ethics, and to create a stimulating work environment for production and innovation.

To keep the customer satisfaction at its highest level and that it is achieved by providing the best medical service ever wished by the client.

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